Please return borrowed materials to the counter. (You don’t need to bring the library card.) You also can return them to other libraries in Tama City. When the libraries are closed, books and magazines may be dropped in the return box. However CDs, cassette tapes, audio visual materials and the materials you borrowed from other cities are not permitted to be dropped in the return box.

There are return boxes at a welfare shop in the bus terminal at Tama Centre station and near the ticket gate of Karakida station.

If you delay a return, you may be suspended from borrowing or making a reservation. Please confirm the return deadline.

When you want to extend the borrowing period

The borrowing is extendable for only once.
However, if we have a reservation for those materials, if the materials are from Tokyo municipal library or the other cities’ libraries, or if the return date has passed, we will be unable to grant an extension request.

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