3.When you cant find library materials

Each library has Search Terminal or library’s home page.
You can use to search the collections of the Tama City libraries. You can make a reservation when the material is lent out or it is in the other libraries of the city. (Password registration is necessary.)

※ If you live in Hachioji City, Fuchu City, Chofu City or Machida City, you can’t make a reservation.

The material which isn't in the Tama City libraries

If we don’t have the material you need, we will be able to buy it newly or order it from Tokyo municipal library or the other cities’ libraries. So please ask the librarian. And you also can order from the library’s home page, except audio visual materials and comic books. (Password and Email address registrations are necessary.)

※ You can use the material which is borrowed from National Diet Library only at inside of the library.

※ If you don’t live, work or attend school within Tama City, please ask the library in the city you live.

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